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Pump - High Pressure Delivery
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Pump - High Pressure Delivery
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Pump - High Pressure Delivery
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Hi-psi diaphragm pump:  This high pressure diaphragm pump delivers for water and nutrient solutions at 100 psi at full efficiency which used with an accumulator tank and solenoid. Sealed diaphragm construction includes polypropylene housing includes check values and automatic pressure sensor (auto on/off).


  • Operates @ 110VAC 1 amp
  • Inlet Port barb connector (low-pressure) - siphons capability from reservoir
  • Outlet Port barb connector (high-pressure)
  • Automatic Sensor ON (cut-in @ 74 psi or below) and OFF (cut-out @100 psi) when connect to an Accumulator Tank & Solenoid


  • Power Cord (115 Volt AC)
  • 3 ea. 110 VAC Wire Nuts
  • 2 ea. Algae Free 3/8" Adapter to 1/4" Barb Interface Kit

Notes: Diaphragm pump will operate up to 4 ea. hydro-atomizing Spray Jests without an Accumulator Tank and Hydro-Controller. To take advantage of the diaphragm pump's maximum pressure and optimum efficiency to supply multiple hydro-atomizing Spray Jets use Accumulator Tank and Hydro-Controller with Digital Timer .

Optional Equipment: Accumulator tank, Hydro-controller, Digital Timer, Spray jets, Connectors and Hi-PSI Tubing

Warranty: One-year limited warranty (parts & labor).


High Pressure Diaphragm Pump opereates at 110 VAC, delivers 80 to 100 pressure to hydro-atomizing spray jets. Automatic ON/OFF  Includes: 1/4" barbs and power cord

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