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High efficiency lights with the highest photosynthetic output available. NASA funded and developed. Near sun perfect for indoor and greenhouse growing. Spectrum filtered and modified for sunlight quality and photosynthetic output for growing plants, flowers and trees.

NASA Developed Light Array Features:

Unlike LED lights (see Warning), our NASA developed Light Arrays are safe for human eyes (including pets), our light arrays reveal true plant colors and health of all plants, and our light arrays inhibit insect infestation.

 We have been asked about LED lights for use with our True Aeroponic Systems,
 LED's (based upon LASER DIODES) are extremely dangerous to human eyes and pets,
 (even LASER DIODE light from reflective surfaces such as metal and white plastic can 
cause immediate blindness).



 NEXGen Light Arrays


  Features & Benefits

* Low wattage - means huge energy savings

* Exclusive Insect Eliminator

* True color  - Cooling running

* Closer placement to plants - no leaf burn



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NEXGen Light Array - Vertical growing (320 Watts)
NEXGen Light Array maximizes photosynthetic energy (45 in x 24 in x 8 in) Hi-Efficiency bulbs rated at 20,000 hours duty cycle. Less than 2-3F heat transfer to plants! Inhibits UV, IR and insects. No other light (T-5, HID, HPS or LED)does as much!
NEXGen NASA Light Arrays with the highest photosynthetic output available. This NASA sponsored and funded light provide a full spectrum and reveal true color. Promotes grow and health of all plants. Inhibits insect infestation. Out performs LEDs!

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