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  • "BEYOND and ODC saved my trees, over 400 Ponderosa Pines, Scotch Pine, Ash and Spruce trees. If wasn't for your products I would've lost all them. The pitch pitched the bugs out of the trees. I've been using BEYOND and ODC since 2017, I use nothing else." - John W. Cheyene, WY
  • "I have been a commercial tree applicator of BEYOND and ODC since 2010. I believe in BEYOND and ODC.. they are the only products allowed on the golf courses and municipal properties that I treat. It saves the biggest and oldest trees.. there is noting like it. These products save trees or I wouldn't be in this business. - Erickson Tree Farm Buhler, KS

  • "After treating spruce and ponderosa pines just once it saves trees. It's an amazing product! Our customers repeatedly ask for it year after year. We have BEYOND customers all over including the City of Saratoga, WY. We have been a tree applicator of BEYOND since 2010. BEYOND is organic and can be applied anywhere." - Top Notch Tree Service Loveland, CO

  • One treatment - ground application of BEYOND, resulted in a significant increase in oleoresin yield (about 40%) experiment wideUSDA Forest Service


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ODC organic Super Concentrate -  1.2 fl oz
ODC organic Super Concentrated - New 1.2 fl oz bottle for trees, gardens, orchards, nurseries, greenhouse, & lawns. Made from aquatic materials - shellfish - natural source of (N). MAKES 150 gallons of ready to use solution. 5x more concentrated.
$49.99  $39.99

BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment™ 1.2 fl. oz.
BEYOND all Natural Plant Amendment™ 1.2 fl oz concentrate bottle - makes 32 gal/128 liters. Indoor/Outdoor. Overrides stress caused by environmental factors & deficiencies. Proven by NASA & organic growers since 1997. Meets USDA Organic (NOP) Standards.

BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment™ 16 fl. oz.
BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment™ 16 fl oz Concentrate. Indoor/Outdoor. Overrides environmental stress & mineral deficiencies. Proven by NASA & organic growers. USDA Organic (NOP) Standards. Natural source of nitrogen. Makes over 400 gal. Since 1997

BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment™ orrangic use - National Organic Program (NOP) Standards Indoor/Outdoor use. Overrides stress from environmental factors Proven effective by NASA and growers Agricultural Chemical Natural Fertilizer Biocontrol since 1997

Since 2000


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