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 Arduino Data logger Leaf Sensor Cable Set NEW!
Arduino Data logger Leaf Sensor with cable- WiFi data transmission to Google Device Drive Spreadsheet. Ready use with AgriHouse's patented Leaf Sensors with cable. Open source code for Arduino MKR 1000.

 Arduino - Data logger Board  NEW!
Leaf Sensor WiFi data logger - transmission of up to 3 ea to Google Device Drive Spreadsheet. Ready use with AgriHouse's patented Leaf Sensor. Open source code for Arduino MKR 1000.

Leaf Sensor Manuals and Tips - download
Leaf Sensor manuals and tips for soldering and connecting sensors to digital multimeters and data loggers. Includes irrigation sensor articles, manuals, hints and more for best practices. Ready for download.
$39.96  $29.99

Leaf Sensor Rev4 Monitoring & Control Software
Leaf Sensor Rev4 Analysis and Control Software v2.2 DVD. Configurable real-time data analysis for leaf water/ moisture measurement. Measure accurately in volts and micrometers. Software package.
$1,299.99  $989.99

Leaf Sensor Rev4, Data Logger DAQ & Software Package
Precision Leaf Sensor Rev4 Data Acquisition Interface (analog-digital conversion) of leaf moisture. Extended irrigation control for soil, aeroponics, hydroponics and drip. Includes 4 ea. leaf sensors, calibr., cables, connectors, DAQ & control software.
$5,299.99  $4,499.99

Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
Complete package turns any PC into a data logger for precision irrigation control. Includes 4ea. Leaf Sensor Rev4, Benchtop DAQ, analysis and control software & more.
$3,999.99  $3,799.99

Data Acquisition Software (DAQ) Software knows what's going on with plants. With AgriHouse's leaf wetness sensor software receive real-time turgor pressure and drought status. Control irrigation solenoids and pumps. NASA developed sensors.

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