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Know when plants are thirsty
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Solenoid with Digital Timer
Solenoid with Digital Timer for precision irrigation control. Allows for fail-safe mode if disconnect occurs. Connects to the LS-DAQ Interface or Benchtop DAQ Module. Solenoid specs: 0-500 psi

Leaf Sensor, Data Logger DAQ & Software Package
Precision Leaf Sensor Data Acquisition Interface (analog-digital conversion) of leaf moisture. Extended irrigation control for soil, aeroponics, hydroponics and drip. Includes 4 ea. leaf sensors, calibr., cables, connectors, DAQ & control software.

Benchtop DAQ Module
Benchtop Data Acquistion (DAQ) Module for 14-bit analog to digital conversion of leaf moisture for precise measurement and irrigation control. Perfect for laboratory and research. Trending v1.4 software included.

Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
Complete package turns any PC into a data logger for precision irrigation control. Includes 4ea. leaf sensors, Benchtop DAQ, analysis and control software & more.

Data collection hardware and devices for monitoring and modeling leaf sensor real-time signaling. Know when plants are thirsty. NASA sponsored and funded technology developed for turgor pressure and drought status.

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