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Terms & Condition of Sale

E-commerce Store - TERMS & CONDITIONS -

Privacy Policy: All information submitted on your order is strictly confidential. E-commerce Store does not share or distribute your name or email to any third-party. All sales transactions are secure and encrypted for your protection.

Payment Options: We gladly accept PAYPAL / Visa/Master Card / American Express / Discover

Credit Card Transactions: Credit Card transaction require a security code found on the back of your credit card. We do not store credit card information.

PAYPAL Transactions: (secure and safe). Need a PAYPAL account - visit

Shipping: We endeavor to offer a fair shipping cost on all of our orders. The actual cost may vary at the time of shipment. retains the right to ship by the best means possible to match the shipping cost on the invoice.

Shipping Status: A tracking no. is emailed at the time of shipment, typically by USPS.

Notification of Revised Shipping Charges: If the shipping cost, found in the order invoice, needs to be changed due to shipping location and product weight we will notify you by email. Please recheck your email within 24 hours for any additional shipping cost for the order. Only then upon your response we will process your credit card for the additional shipping cost. Shipping Status: by email notification.

Terms & Conditions of Sale: 

 We accept PAYPAL / Visa/Master Card / American Express / Discover

* All other products come with a 90-day limited warranty for parts and labor unless otherwise stated

  • If the invoiced products are not what you ordered please contact us immediately


  • New and unopened items may be returned within 10 days of receipt of order
  • Return to PO Box 1556 Berthoud, CO 80513
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) must be marked on the package
  • Restocking charge (20%) for all returned items

Orders: Please contact us immediately if you have received the wrong order.


  • Cancelled orders will receive a full refund to the credit/debit card and notice of cancelation by email within 24 hours
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) returns will receive refund less the restocking charge within 24 to 48 hours
    to the credit/debit card associated with the order no.

Delivery:  All aeroponic units and system are custom built and lead times my vary.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks delivery.

Aerponics units and systems are custom built and lead times my vary. Allow 6 to 8 weeks on large orders.

Reserved Rights: AgriHouse Brands Ltd E-commerce Store

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AgriHouse Brands Ltd

Terms & Condition of Sale for the AgriHouse's E-commerce Store.  A complete line of aeroponic equipment, units, accessories and biocontrols  product including BEYOND Plant Amendment as well as our liquid mineral nutrients. Safe & Secure.

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