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Leaf Sensor Rev4 & Digital Meter Pak
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Leaf Sensor Rev4 & Digital Meter Pak
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Leaf Sensor Rev4 & Digital Meter Pak
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$429.99  $389.99
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Leaf Sensor Rev4 & Digital Meter Pak

New  - Measures water levels of live plants for  agronomists, aeroponics, hydroponics and drip irrigation systems when used with AgriHouse's Leaf Sensor and Digital Meter

Easy to Use: Simply affix the Leaf Sensor to a healthy plant leaf and begin monitoring the indirect measurement of leaf turgidity (moisture level) using our special 4-digit display voltmeter. External battery/power not required.

Applications (partial list):  Earth & Plant Sciences / Irrigation Control / Water Management / Weather Stations / Research / Education / Agronomists / Consultants

Benefits:  Measure leaf moisture levels (leaf thickness) and sap flow in real time - know when to water!


  • 1 ea. Digtail Voltmeter
  • 1 ea. Leaf Sensor Rev4
  • 3- wire connector (ground,  3 vdc, signal)  
  • Instruction CD-ROM

Digital Voltmeter Specifications

  •  Size:  5.78”L  x  3.78”W x 1.78”H
  • Weight:  7.8 oz
  • Analog Output range: 1.45 to 3 vdc
  • Input voltage (vdc): 3.0 vdc
  • Source Current: 1.5 mA
  • Signal Resolution:   0.001 vdc 
  • Temperature Range:  > 32F to 120F
  • 3-Conductor Micro-Wire (w/ connector) Length: 5inches

        ·     1 ea.  Leaf sensor as shown see  Leaf Sensor Rev3 

Optional Equipment from AgriHouse

Price/ea: $389.96

Leaf Sensor Rev4 and Digital Meter pak for leaf sensor voltage readings - no external battery required. Special cable connects directly to a leaf sensor. Ready use. Includes Leaf Sensor, Digital Meter and cable & CD-ROM

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