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 Arduino - Data logger Board  NEW!
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 Arduino - Data logger Board  NEW!
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Arduino - Data logger Board NEW!
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New for 2020

Arduino MKR 1000 compatible  leaf sensor data logger technology designed for agronomists and aeroponics, hydroponics & drip irrigation control systems specialists.  

This device measures and transmits water levels of live plants directly to Google Drive Spread sheets uses an Arduino MKR 1000 Wifi (not supplied).

This module will transmit leaf sensor reading WiFi data - indoors and outdoors (140 ft)


  •  Leaf Sensor Ports with voltage excite ( 3 ea.) 
  •  I/O Input (2 ea.)
  •  I/O Output (2 ea.)
  •  Arduino MKR series compatible
  •  Sketch Code included

Easy to Use: Simply affix the Leaf Sensor to a healthy plant leaf and begin monitoring the indirect measurement of leaf turgidity (moisture level). 

Applications (partial list):  Earth & Plant Sciences / Irrigation Control / Water Management / Weather Stations / Research / Education / Agronomists / Consultants


  • 1 ea. board
  • Mounting holes
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
  • Open source sketch code for Wifi/Serial for Google Drive Spread sheet - so simple!

  Leaf Sensor data   


  • Wifi/Serial for Google Drive Spread sheets
  • Instant updates
  • So simple!


Google Drive spread sheet leaf sensor data


Leaf Sensor not included - order separately

Optional Equipment from AgriHouse

Introductory Price/ea: $139.99 Limited Offer



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Leaf Sensor WiFi data logger - transmission of up to 3 ea to Google Device Drive Spreadsheet. Ready use with AgriHouse's patented Leaf Sensor. Open source code for Arduino MKR 1000.

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